Road Conditions

Council in conjunction with the State Emergency Services will be monitoring Narromine Shire roads, to ensure your safety.

Please note, major roads come under the jurisdiction of the Roads and Maritime Services. Please visit LiveTraffic NSW for live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.

This page will be updated as information becomes available. For instant updates please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and push to your mobile device.

Signposted ‘IMPASSABLE IN WET WEATHER’ Unsealed Roads OPEN to all vehicles
All Other Unsealed Roads
OPEN to all vehicles
3McLeod's RoadCLOSED to all vehicles
4Merrinong Road (between Pineview Road and Ewenmar Road)CLOSED to all vehicles
5Tyrie North RoadCLOSED to all vehicles

Please observe all signs as waterways can rise and fall in a short period of time. School buses, emergency vehicles and council maintenance vehicles are exempt from road closures.


Council appeals to drivers to assist in preventing damage to unsealed roads by choosing alternative routes or waiting until drier conditions prevail. The preservation of our roads are of prime importance.

Driving or walking through flood waters should be avoided since water may be deeper or faster flowing than anticipated and/or the road may have suffered extensive damage hidden beneath the water.

Please note that concessions are possible, on request, for urgent transport activity on routes considered suitable to carry proposed loads. Please contact Council’s Infrastructure and Engineering Department to discuss requirements.