Public Consumption of Alcohol

Council takes responsible consumption of alcohol seriously through the establishment of Alcohol Free Zones within the townships of Narromine and Trangie as well as participation in the Narromine Shire Liquor Accord.

Council also now has a role as the Local Statutory Authority under the new liquor licensing regulations.

Alcohol Free Zones

An Alcohol Free Zone is a designated area in which the drinking of alcohol is prohibited twenty four seven - twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Alcohol Free Zones are an important measure used to curtail irresponsible and drunken behaviour by individuals and groups on the streets throughout the year. They provide for the public use by motorists and pedestrians of particular roads, streets, footpaths and car parks in safety and free from interference by irresponsible street drinkers.

Drinking within an Alcohol Free Zone

A police officer may seize any alcohol (and the bottle, can, receptacle or package in which it is contained) in the possession of a person if the person is drinking the alcohol in an Alcohol Free Zone, or the police officer has reasonable cause to believe that the person is about to drink or has recently been drinking alcohol in an Alcohol Free Zone.

Narromine AFZ
Trangie AFZ

Narromine Shire Liquor Accord

Council actively participates in the Narromine Shire Liquor Accord, which is a proactive organisation for promoting public awareness of the need for responsible consumption of alcohol.

The Narromine Shire Liquor Accord aims to improve community safety and to reduce alcohol related harm and incidents in the Narromine Local Government Area (LGA).

The Accord is based on 14 principles, which accord members support and agree to take all possible action to uphold. The 14 principles are divided under 4 distinct sub-sections:

The accord has been developed as a partnership involving the input and co-operation of all relevant stakeholders. Key stakeholders, however as the accord progresses it is envisaged that there will be more:

Whilst the accord places particular emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of licensees and secretary/managers, it is supported by complimentary actions by the Orana Local Area Command and Narromine Shire Council.

It also aims to focus attention on patrons and visitors to the Narromine Shire area by emphasising their responsibilities regarding the consumption of alcohol and in improving public safety.

Narromine Liquor Accord

Liquor Licences

Council is the Local Statutory Authority under the new liquor licensing regulations. Council is one of the stakeholders who need to be consulted as part of the new licensing process and must be informed when you apply for a new liquor licence. For instructions and forms to apply for a new liquor licence or vary an existing licence, go to the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing website.