Subdivision means the division of land into two or more parts that, after the division, would be obviously adapted for separate occupation, use or disposition (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979).

Subdivisions can be for large rural tracts of land where farm adjustments move boundaries in accordance with the needs of the working farm and neighbours. They can also be as small as adjusting a boundary between residential lots in one of the towns.

The Narromine Local Environmental Plan (LEP) sets the minimum sizes for allotments in the Narromine Shire. The Shire contains a series of 'zones' which outline objectives for preferred development and set minimum lot sizes. All Councils set minimum lot sizes for land within zones to ensure that there is a uniform lot layout in residential areas of various sizes and to ensure adequate land is available for buffering developments from one another in rural and environmental zones.

Subdivision usually follows a 5 step process:

  1. Contact Council or a Consultant Planner to see if what you want to do is permissible in your zone with regard to minimum lot sizes,
  2. Submit your plans drawn by a registered surveyor to Council with an accompanying development application.
  3. Once Council approves your application, contact your surveyor to have the plans drawn in accordance with the drafting requirements of Land and Property Information. Read your conditions of consent to see if you are required to relocate any services, conduct any works or create new easements,
  4. Submit your plans to be registered to Council so that Council can check whether the plan is the same as what was previously approved. If all is OK, Council signs off on the plan and returns the plans to you or your surveyor.
  5. Your surveyor or solicitor submits your plans to LPI (usually electronically) for them to be registered as new allotments. They are given a new lot and DP (deposited plan) number

Note: Once the new lots are created, they may be separately sold.

If you wish to enquire further about subdividing in the Narromine Shire, please contact Council's Planning Department.