Water Rates

We advise the following water account periods for the Financial Year:

Reading Times

Due Dates

Water Meter Accounts

Water/Sewer/Trade Usage accounts are issued quarterly. The approximate reading times and account issuing payment due dates are shown in the table above. There may be circumstances out of Councils’ control that can have an impact on these dates. The user charges for water/sewer/trade waste consumption are adopted each year and are advertised in Council’s Draft Management Plan prior to the charges being adopted.

Smart Water Meter Roll Out

To become more efficient and to save our water resources, Narromine Shire Council has commenced the process of replacing outdated manual-read water meters with new, automatic devices on water services called ‘smart meters’.This is one of the many actions we are undertaking to better manage our water infrastructure to ensure long-term sustainable outcomes.

What are Smart Water Meters?

Smart water meters use wireless technology to record water usage data which will be collected more frequently and more accurately without having to physically read the meter. The collection of data on a near real-time basis improves the ability to identify any unusual activity such as water loss or reduction in water supply.

Why are we changing meters?

 Recognising that water is one of our most valuable resources, this project will make a significant contribution to our water security by reducing water loss caused by leaks and encouraging community awareness around water usage at your properties. It will also assist Council in managing our water supplies to meet growing demands now and into the future.

Will the new meters affect my bill?

Smart water meters have a high level of accuracy when recording usage therefore some customers may identify change in the recording of their overall water usage by comparison to the reads taken from the current meters.

What are the benefits to me?

The older water meters were read manually by a contract water meter reader at set intervals throughout the year, providing Council with a one-off read of how much water was used for billing purposes. The newly installed smart water meters provide Council and the customer with daily data.

This will:

• assist with the early detection of leaks;

• enable you to check your water usage daily;

• allow you to develop strategies to reduce water usage;

• enable us to respond more effectively to usage enquiries.

How can I access my usage data?

All of the data will be made available to you so you can monitor your own usage via an online customer portal NSC Water https://nscwater.narromine.nsw.gov.au/

This is a great way for you to check water usage daily, allowing you to develop strategies to reduce water usage.

To use the NSC Water system to review and manage your water consumption, you must first create an account by signing up at https://nscwater.narromine.nsw.gov.au/

Have these meters been used elsewhere? 

Have these meters been used elsewhere? Smart meters have been implemented all over Australia over the last 20 years and are used by many councils and water authorities. Our water meter replacement project has been delivered by Taggle Systems Pty Limited, who have significant experience in implementing smart meters across Australia.

Feedback suggests customers from other areas have welcomed the customer portal and the ability to detect leaks beyond the meter at a much earlier stage, saving the customers money.

How to Calculate Your Account

If you wish to calculate the cost of water, multiply the number of kilolitres used on your meter by the amount per kilolitre on your bill.

Smart Meter Introductory Guide