Council operates several recycling programs catering for small and large quantities of recyclable materials.

Council provides 240L MGBs at each of the Waste Management Facilities for co-mingled recycling which are collected by JR Richards & Sons.

Council runs a cardboard and paper recycling program in conjunction with AMCOR. Council operates a cardboard press at the Narromine Waste Management Facility which is used to bale waste paper and cardboard. The bales are then transported to the AMCOR recycling plant in Sydney. Narromine businesses and residents can take their waste paper and cardboard to the Narromine Waste Management Facility. Trangie and Tomingley Waste Management Facilities are provided with a trailer which when full are transported to the Narromine Waste Management Facility for processing.

Recycling used batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges and smoke detectors

Council is excited to offer a new and convenient way to recycle your household batteries, printer cartridges, smoke detectors and mobile phones. You can now come in and see us at Council's Customer Service and Payments Centre 118 Dandaloo Street to drop off these items to the CRC small cabinet and do your part for the environment.

Once collected, the used items are sent to special recycling centres to extract the valuable resources they contain. Where previously they had been sent to landfill where they decay and leach chemicals into the environment, now they are part of a closed loop benefitting our local ecosystems and reducing the strain on resources nationwide.

Household batteries do require an extra step for safety before disposal, but it’s not a big one. We request that you tape the terminals, either before attending the customer service centre or on arrival to avoid the risk of fire. Find out more at -

Narromine Shire Council is a member of Netwaste, which has organised the following recycling programs:

Recycling Update

Since the beginning of the kerbside Recycling Collection Service (July 2010), residents of Narromine Shire Council have recycled nearly 1,551 tonnes of material. This has saved 25,687 litres of water, or enough to fill more than 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Congratulations, that's a great effort!

Remember, please do not place plastic bags in your recycling bin at home or in the recycling bins at the Waste Depot.

Council is a member of Netwaste which has organised the following recycling programs:

Council also operates a DrumMuster collection at each of the Waste Management Facilities. DrumMuster operates when the Waste Management Facilities are open.

Return and Earn

Narromine's Return and Earn-Reverse Vending Machine commenced operation in June 2023. The facility is located just past the main entrance to the Narromine Waste Management Facility located on Gainsborough Road. 

This new machine provides residents with greater access and convenience when recycling drink containers, helping the environment and being rewarded for their effort to recycle. Users of the facility are able to print a voucher for the refund amount which is then redeemable, or choose a payment into a bank account or users are able to donate the refund amount to a charity listed on the Return and Earn app. The vouchers dispensed by the machine can be redeemed at Coles Supermarkets. Residents should download the Return and Earn App onto a smartphone to determine the opening hours and which recyclables are open or full before going to the site to use the machine. It is requested that all users of the facility assist in keeping the area clean and tidy by taking any rubbish or unrecyclable items away with them.

 Please remember that not all containers are eligible for a refund, and containers must be EMPTY, UNCRUSHED, UNBROKEN AND HAVE THE ORIGINAL LABEL ATTACHED. 

All information about the scheme including the type of containers that are eligible for the refund, the location of other collection points, and how to collect a refund can be found on the Return and Earn website at  TOMRA-Cleanaway operates a hotline for queries, complaints or feedback about collection points. The Hotline number is 1800 290 691 or email