Development Control Plan

The Development Control Plan (DCP) provides design guidelines for new developments, and supports the statutory planning controls that are in the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

The DCP contains six chapters. Each chapter is tailored to providing guidance on certain types of developments. It also provides guidance on the level of detail that is required in development applications. Each chapter of the DCP can be accessed below.

01 - Foreword
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Plan Objectives
Chapter 3 - Submitting a Development Application
Chapter 4 - Notification Requirements
Chapter 5a - Residential Development
Chapter 5b - Rural Residential Development
Chapter 5c - Rural Development
Chapter 5d - Commercial Development
Chapter 5e - Industrial Development
Chapter 5f - Narromine Aerodrome
Chapter 5g - Heritage Development
Chapter 5h - Other Development