Integrated Planning and Reporting

Why Integrated Planning and Reporting?

The Integrated Planning and Reporting framework recognises that most communities share similar aspirations: a safe, healthy and pleasant place to live, a sustainable environment, opportunities for social interaction, opportunities for employment, reliable infrastructure, etc. The difference lies in how each community responds to these needs. That is what shapes the character of individual towns and cities. It also recognises that the council plans and policies should not exist in isolation and that they are in fact connected. This framework allows NSW councils to draw their various plans together, to understand how they interact and to get the maximum leverage from their efforts by planning holistically for the future. All councils in NSW are required to be working within the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework (shown below).

IPR Image

IPR Reporting Framework

Narromine Shire Council’s suite of Integrated Planning and Reporting documents have been prepared in line with the NSW Government’s framework requirements outlined above.

Community Engagement Strategy

The Community Engagement Strategy identifies stakeholders and plans methods of engaging each of these groups for the development and review of the Community Strategic Plan.

Council Community Engagement Strategy 2021

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan identifies the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and to develop strategies for achieving these goals.

  • Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032
  • The Delivery Program is a four (4) year plan outlining the strategies Council will use to achieve the goals set out in the Community Strategic Plan. The Operational Plan is a one (1) year plan which set performance measures to ensure the activities of the Delivery Program are achieved.

    Resourcing Strategy

    The Resourcing Strategy identifies how Council will achieve the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan and consists of the following:

    Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents 2023/2024  were adopted on 21 June 2023

    Operational Plan 2023-2024
    Long Term Financial Plan 2023-2024
    Adopted Fees and Charges 2023-2024
    Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans 2023
    Workforce Management Strategy 2022 - 2026
    Final and Adopted Fees and Charges 2023-2024
    Delivery Program 2022-2027