Community Participation Plan

The Narromine Shire Council Community Participation Plan 2019 is a strategic document that sets the parameters for community participation in the environmental and land use planning framework for the Narromine Shire Local Government Area. It consolidates information on the exhibition of all relevant strategic and statutory planning matters into a single accessible document. It transfers the existing development assessment exhibition and notification procedures and adds public exhibition processes for strategic planning as set by legislation.

Strategic Planning

The public has the opportunity to make submissions on strategic planning matters after they have been endorsed by Council for public exhibition. Minimum mandatory public exhibition requirements for strategic planning matters are set by the Act and the Regulation. For most plan-making functions, such as the draft local strategic planning statement, draft development control plans and draft contributions plans, the minimum public exhibition period is 28 days.

Statutory Planning

The notification and public exhibition provisions in the CPP will apply to all development applications lodged in relation to land that is located within the Narromine Shire LGA where Council is of the opinion that the enjoyment or use of the land may be affected by the development proposal. The CPP outlines what development types are subject to neighbour notification requirements and what applications are subject to the advertised development provisions of the CPP. Some minor development is of a scale and nature that does not require formal notification of neighbouring properties. Provided the proposal complies with all applicable development controls (LEP, DCP and other relevant policies) and is considered unlikely to detrimentally impact neighbouring properties, no formal notification period applies.

Community Participation Plan 2019 - 2024