Narromine Shire Local Government Election

Declaration of Uncontested Election

The Returning Officer for the 2021 Narromine Shire Council Local Government Election has advised that at the close of nominations on 4 November 2021, there were no greater number of candidates as there were positions available in respect of the Narromine Shire.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, where the number of candidates nominated for election as councillors is no greater than the number of councillors required to be elected for the area, a candidate nominated for election as a councillor for an area, without a poll being held, is taken to have been elected.

The Local Government Act also provides that where a person holds civic office without a poll being held, they are taken to have been elected on the day on which the poll for an ordinary election would have been held. In this case the election day is 4 December 2021.

In this the Returning Officer has advised that the following nine (9) candidates have been elected to Narromine Shire Council for the period commencing 4 December 2021 and ending 14 September 2024.

Diane Beaumont

Dawn Collins

Craig Davies

Casey Forrester

Adine Hoey

Lyn Jablonski - resigned as Councillor effective 22 June 2023

Ewen Jones

Les Lambert

Lachlan Roberts