Fly Neighbourly Policy on Public Exhibition

Council at its ordinary meeting held 14 August 2019 adopted a Draft Fly Neighbourly Policy, which is now on public exhibition.

The Fly Neighbourly Policy outlines a voluntary ‘code of practice’ established between aircraft operators and communities or authorities that have an interest in reducing the disturbance caused by aircraft within a particular area.

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager, Jane Redden said “Council recognises that there are many stakeholders on the aerodrome and the Draft Fly Neighbourly Policy attempts to provide a more formal balance between these stakeholders during formal events”

“The aerodrome is an important economic driver for the Narromine Community and it is essential that the businesses, residents and event organisers understand the accepted code of practice for the venue”

“Elements of the Policy may be utilised in approving other events, if required, such as fly ins and competitions and is directly related to the operation of powered planes”

The Policy outlines the following;

The Fly Neighbourly Policy will be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days with public submissions made to Council during this time. Written submissions should be submitted to Council no later than 5pm Wednesday, 18 September 2019.

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