​River Repair Bus cleans up reserves and waterways

The Ozfish Inland Waterways River Repair Bus team has been hard at work for the past fortnight cleaning up Narromine Shire’s reserves and waterways.


The $20,000 project is made possible through the Drought Communities Programme (DCP). The DCP aims to deliver benefits in drought declared Council areas by supporting investment in local infrastructure activities.


The team have been working in the following areas:

Their work so far has included:


“Council would like to thank the River Repair Bus for their hard work over the past fortnight helping to clean up our reserves and waterways,” said Jane Redden, General Manager of Narromine Shire Council.

“We would also like to thank the Australian Government for making this project possible through the Drought Communities Programme,” said Mrs Redden.

“Our Community Strategic Plan includes the following objectives, which this project has helped to meet: identify and protect areas of high natural value; enhance, protect and celebrate our river systems and wetlands; and support the work of local environmental groups that improves the natural diversity of our environmentally sensitive areas.”

David Harris, Team Leader of Ozfish Inland Waterways, also thanked Council for the opportunity to make an impact along the Macquarie River and tributaries.

Image: David Harris, Team Leader of Ozfish Inland Waterways

Further Media Contacts:

Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden T: 0407 438 422