What not to flush – Narromine Sewer System not coping

Residents are being reminded not to flush wipes, paper towels or facial tissues down the toilet as they are not designed for our sewerage system and are causing a number of issues in the Narromine Shire.

Paper towels, tissues and wipes don’t disintegrate the same way as toilet paper and can get stuck in the pipes or cause fatbergs to form in the pipes. This can lead to sewer spills in the home or in public spaces, like parks and waterways.

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager, Jane Redden said “Council have already had to unblock a number of mains in Narromine”

“The blockages are a threat to public health and the security of our sewage network. If the community continues to flush these items we will have major problems” she said.

We also recommend that residents avoid ‘flushable’ wipes as there is no current Australia Industry Standard that provides criteria to manufacturers on how to make them compatible with our sewer systems.

If you have an issue with sewer backing up or blockages please contact 6889 9999.

Image: Photo taken at one of Narromine’s Pump Station of congested and blocked pipes.